[Episode 63] I Gotta Go Fast!

Daniel doesn’t hate the new Sonic. Jonathan squared up against a door frame. Alex put on 11 pounds in a week. Also, Men and Mountains covered Chevelle and we loved it. Null’s album art looks like the background of a suck UFO website. Our friends in Drop Diver released an new CD and Comrades released a new single called Fault Lines. Also, check out X.Y. Spaces new website www.xyspaces.xyz

Music this week from Null, Drop Diver, Comrades, King of Summer

[Episode 62] If the TAhh is bad the Phhh is no good.

Check out our new website www.xyspaces.xyz and the Making of ‘Thanks’. Story Time with Jonathan - “World Star”. Also, the signs of a drowning person and why you shouldn’t swim in Miami or drive in Alabama.

Brady saw Sunn 0))) in a cave, it was super loud. Daniel fell asleep during an Earth concert, it was very relaxing. Also, when is a band too loud or too quiet.

Music this week from Potatohead People, Avenged Sevenfold, Into Eternity, Creed, Chevelle

[Episode 60] Dude, You Should Poop More

Daniel can’t handle triple-ply toilet paper, Alex loves Bidets, Brady is more of a Studdard guy, & Jonathan loves Kirk Franklin. The Great Chugga Debate rages on. Also, join us for Jonathan’s interior design show & Brady gives a shout out to the sick shows Heel Turn played in Nashville.

Music this week Potatohead People, Sylvan Esso, Caleb Hawley, Kirk Franklin, Missy Elliot.

Check out the X. Y. Spaces live concert @lucky sound studios.

[Episode 58] This is an Important Night!

Jonathan has sound effects now. We recap a recent farewell show that was broken up by the cops. (Shout out to Outfit). Brady shows us the latest music from Men and Mountains. Then we discuss the Michael Jackson documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’.

Thanks for listening.

Music this week from Men & Mountains

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